Aug 8, 2006

THE PRESENT FUTURE Its a surety that India is going to have a very tough time in the coming two to three decades as we can predict for sure that it is the time when 99.99% of the country will have climbed the steps of literacy and awareness.The tough time will see the uprise of terrorism and the downfall of corruption.The downfall of of terrorism will really require a massive war between these bloody terrorists vs the men who sacrifice for the sake of their motherland and for preserving the sacred word humanity on our planet.That is still a doubtful question in the minds of authorities... Terrorism is going to be the greatest threat to the human mankind for the next two to three decades .It is a bug that is only going to multiply geometrically and human beings will be its prey.It is only the foolish thoughts of a "section of Islamic followers"who think they can make anyone obey their wishes by making innocent people the victims of their hineous crime.I say a section because these muslims have become prey to the terrorists.These terrorists really dont have any religion.I dont know how dare they call themselves the followers of Allah The Almighty.They are calling their damned crime as Jihad and it is the sole reason why innocent and true muslim youths are becoming victims to their activities.They influence these people with their tongue and have the work done with car bombs and AK-47 rifles.Time only can say when other religious groups turn to terrorists,let alone muslims.

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